Church Council2Elders are described in the Bible and very important for the spiritual direction of St. Matthew. Acts 14:23; 1 Tim. 5: 17-19; Titus 1: 5-9; and 1 Peter 5: 1-4; provide information on how selected committed Christian members are appointed to serve the congregation for its overall positive welfare and to assist the Pastor in administrative tasks. At St. Matthew, the Elders meet regularly to provide support, including prayer for members, assist the Pastor in visiting the sick and needy and provide assistance during the service with Communion.

An Elder is under the guidance of and communicates regularly with the Pastor, is "full of faith" as the Bible says and gives attention to "prayer and the ministry of the Word."

Elders are asked to serve and take this position very seriously in service to the church. A time commitment for visiting, meetings and assistance at the church is agreed upon and Elders are appointed as needed. If you need more information on how to contact your Elder or wish to speak to an Elder as a nonmember, contact the church office.