Welcome tableSunday Mornings:

Traditional Service:    8:00 a.m.

Education Hour:         9:15 a.m.

Family Service:         10:30 a.m.


Mid-Week Services

As part of the liturgical year, St. Matthew pays special attention to the seasons of Advent and of Lent. Advent occurs during the weeks before Christmas in December and Lent occurs during the weeks before Easter during either March or April.

St. Matthew also brings together its members for fellowship during these mid-week service times. Each service is preceeded by a simple dinner, often potluck, which prepares us to contemplate on these two Holy seasons. The dinner portion of the evening is one hour before the service. Be sure to watch the calendar for more information about when the services are.

mid week service AdventWhat is Advent?

There are many traditions around Advent and St. Matthew celebrates the coming of Christ at Christmas with evening mid-week services and an Advent Wreath. The Advent Wreath is situated near the Altar and consists of a Wreath with three purple candles, and one pink candle. Each Sunday in Advent, another candle is lit. Advent specifically focuses on Christ's "coming." The readings which highlight Christ's coming in the past focus on the Old Testament prophecies and the readings which highlight Christ's coming in the future focus on his "second coming" on the Last Day at the end of time.

potluckWhat is Lent?

The season of Lent is a time to meditate on the suffering that Christ endured on our behalf but also as an opportunity to reflect upon our own Baptism and what I means to live as a child of God. The Lenten season is clearly set apart as a distinct time from the rest of the year. It forms a powerful contrast with the celebration of Jesus' resurrection when our Alleluias ring loud and clear on Easter. Lent is a period of time that is set aside prior to the major events of Jesus' death (Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter) as a time of preparation.