shutinSt. Matthew is a caring church that values the participation of all, no matter what their age, capabilities or disabilities. Many of our members are advanced in age, and some have debilitating health challenges that prevent them from attending church on a regular basis or at all. Whatever their situation, they remain a faithful part of the family of God and of the church. Many still volunteer, from their home, to help with Faith in Action in making phone calls or providing friendship and support to others in their Assisted Living facility. Some, with the help of relatives or friends manage to make it to church periodically and they are welcomed and celebrated for their valued place in the St Matthew church family.

Resources for Shut-ins and those challenged to attend services:

  • Communion in the Home or Living Facility: For those who wish to receive Holy Communion at home, please call the church office and request that the Pastor come visit to provide them with this service. Holy Communion is also offered on a regular basis and posted at the local Skyline Assisted Living Facility in Sonora for the church members and friends who reside there. More information can be obtained about this event on the Skyline Activity Calendar.
  • Worship for Shut-Ins: Worship for Shut-ins is a 30 minute Lutheran television worship service. It includes the readings for the day, prayers and a Lutheran Pastor delivering a message that is one-on-one to the viewer. It includes choir selections and is closed captions for the hearing impaired.
  • LWML Christmas Cookie Delivery and Visit: Each year the women of St. Matthew decorate, make cookies and deliver them to shut-ins. Please call the church office to receive one of these lovingly prepared packages of cookies and to receive a visit.
  • Transportation
  • Lutheran Hour Ministries
  • Daily Bible Readings